STEM Programs

So your kiddo has expressed an interest in engineering. Now what?

We recognize that it can be difficult to navigate the various outreach programs available for fostering an interest in STEM. There are so many great programs to choose from! Our classes are a bit different in that we do not use Lego Mindstorm or Vex Robotics kits. While excellent platforms, they do not incorporate our favorite aspect of robotics -- artificial intelligence! What we offer is an opportunity to build embedded robotic and IoT devices, meaning you won't find plug-and-play activities here. Instead, we start with breadboards, microcontrollers, sensors, and motors to teach our students how to build intelligent devices from the ground up. The best part? No prior experience is required, but participants will walk away with skills for being able to build their own devices at home. We promise you won’t find another STEM learning experience like this!

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