About Us

We are engineers and STEM education enthusiasts!

The Robot Factory was originally founded in 2013 as a technology development company based in Tempe, Arizona that specializes in the fusion of artificial intelligence, machine vision, and natural language processing with robotic and IoT platforms. Following our passion for “bringing awareness to everyday devices”, we have spent the last several years building smart technologies using AI for mobile platforms.

But, we aren’t just engineers with a penchant for developing intelligent devices. We are also active members of the local startup and education communities. We are passionate about the need to broaden access to STEM and have now made it part of our mission to share our knowledge and resources in robotics, IoT, and AI with the community.

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Meet Our Team

Meet the team members who make Robot Factory possible. Each offers something special that makes us who we are.

Victor Vedovato

CEO & Co-Founder

"Robot Factory was founded to educate, innovate and build the future of Robotics. After decades leading innovation in computer graphics and imaging, we now focus our efforts to building the brains needed to make ubiquitous robots a reality."

Shari Vedovato

President & Co-Founder

30+ years experience in the field of imaging and 3D graphics.

"I am passionate about making AI and machine learning more accessible. I want anyone to be able to use these technologies to solve problems they encounter in their own lives. Just think of the possibilities - what would your robot do if it could see and understand its environment?"

Lynne Nethken

Robotics Engineer

Graduated Summa Cum Laude from ASU with a Bachelors in Robotics Engineering.

"There is a perception that innovation only occurs as a result of some random stroke of genius - that couldn't be any further from the truth. Innovation is a systematic process that anyone can learn if given the opportunity."