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Robotics is the culmination of mechanical, electrical, and software development. These skills are used to construct devices that assist humans with automation. Our classes teach the fundamentals of building robots so you can automate your own tasks!

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent devices are those that are aware - having not only the ability to see, hear, speak, and think - but also the ability to learn. As the next big technological shift, AI is already having a profound impact on our lives. Do you know how this technology really works?

Internet of Things

Smart homes, smart phones, smart cars - we are only just beginning to the see the many applications for the Internet of Things. Most of us are already using connected devices, but what if you could learn how to build your own smart electronics? Now you can!

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Robotics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things will continue to have a significant impact on our lives - yet they still lie primarily in the hands of industry and academia. The Robot Factory is breaking down that barrier by providing informal learners affordable opportunities to gain hands-on experience working with these technologies.

Robot Factory STEM Program Registration

Our classes are not only meant to be educational - they are designed to be interactive and they are FUN!

Interested in learning how to build “magical” wizard wands that can control other devices in your home? How about a “Mars rover” that uses machine vision to detect and identify mysterious objects in its path? Or perhaps you’d like to learn how to build a prototype for a robotic hand or even a robotic pet that will only listen to your voice commands?

We promise you won’t find another STEM learning experience like this! You can register for one of our programs by selecting the session that best suits your interests.